Daniel Jacobi
Date of Birth: November 12th, 1982
Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Position: Ballistics specialist
Administrative officer
Kepler's right hand
Rank: N/A

Portrayed by: Noah Masur

Daniel Kenneth Jacobi is a Goddard Futuristics special intelligence agent, an administrative officer specializing in missiles and explosives. He previously worked under Colonel Warren Kepler on the Hephaestus.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born November 12, 1982 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jacobi's father was a US Air Force Recruiter who always belittled his son for not "wanting to be GI Joe when [he] grew up." Jacobi tried to join the Air Force out of high school, but was rejected because of his poor eyesight. After graduating an unknown college, Jacobi did his graduate studies at MIT, years after his teammate and friend Alana Maxwell did her undergrad at the same institution.

Jacobi worked for the Air Force doing ballistics research and development, specifically on orbital ballistics. But after an accident cost the lives of two men he was fired. Unable to find work due to what happened, Jacobi spent two years unemployed. At this point, 2011, he was approached by Warren Kepler in a bar in San Francisco. It can be assumed that Jacobi has been working for Goddard Futuristics since this time.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jacobi, as described by others in addition to himself, is a sarcastic jerk, although he's been shown to have a heart.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Alana Maxwell[edit | edit source]

Alana Maxwell is Jacobi's best friend. They are extremely close to each other and have a sibling-like relationship; they are constantly teasing/making fun of each other, but ultimately support and care for each other. They were introduced during their time at Goddard by Kepler and have apparently gotten along from the start.

Warren Kepler[edit | edit source]

While Kepler is Jacobi's boss, they seemed to be on relatively good terms as well. Jacobi's said that he would trust Kepler with his life and would do anything he told him to. In the mini-episode "No Complaints", it was revealed that Jacobi considers them to be friends and was upset when it looked like Kepler forgot the anniversary of the day they met; however, that was just a prank of Kepler's, who had actually brought along fireworks for Jacobi to set off in celebration.

After the mutiny, their relationship changes drastically. Jacobi tells Kepler that he feels "used, experimented on," and also later, when he stages a "counter-coup" by himself, he asks Minkowski to shoot Kepler as an act of revenge for Maxwell, apparently not caring whether he died or not (even if the gun was unloaded).

Officer Klein[edit | edit source]

There is very minimal information currently known about Officer Klein, but Jacobi instantly recognized him among the Hermes crew and according to Jacobi, "[They] were friends, and then [they] kinda...weren't anymore." Jacobi hints that it was his fault for being "not great", and he says that Klein deserved better.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Has an "inexplicable, nearly pathological, fear of ducks." according to his personnel files.
  • According to his records, Jacobi once lost $13,000 on an internet scam.
  • Appears to have an affinity for cheeses.
  • Jacobi has stated he is attracted to men.
  • His surname is most likely a reference to Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, a prominent 19th century mathematician.

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